Best Paper Awards


Year 1st 2nd 3rd

Fernando Rodríguez-Varela

“Single-Cut Phaseless Near-Field Measurements using Specialized Probes”

Co-authors: Belén Galocha-Iragüen, Manuel Sierra-Castañer

Zhong Chen

“Additional Insights into Chamber Effects in the Gain Extrapolation Data using Empirical Mode Decomposition”

Co-author: Yibo Wang

Roland Moch

“Maximum Determinant Sampling Using Spline-Based Trajectories in a Robot-Based mm-Wave Antenna Test Range”

Co-author: Dirk Heberling


Thomas Gemmer

“Accurate Retrieval of Antenna Patterns in Reflective Environments Via the Test-Zone Field-Compensation Technique”

Co-author: Dirk Heberling

Cosme Culotta-López

“On the Uncertainty Sources of Drone-Based Outdoor Far-Field Antenna Measurements”

Co-authors: Stuart Gregson, Andrian Buchi, Carlo Rizzo, Diana Trifon, Snorre Skeidsvoll, Inès Barbary and Joakim Espeland

David A. Tonn

“A Novel Complex Image Expansion for Antenna Measurements Above a Lossy Half Space”


Cosme Culotta-López

“Adaptive Sampling for Compressed Spherical Near-Field Measurements”

Co-author: Dirk Heberling

Ryan T. Cutshall

“Measuring G/T with a Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurement System via the CW-Ambient Technique”

Co-authors: Justin Dobbins, Matthew N. Barr

Anastasios Papathanasopoulos

“Multi-Layered Flat Metamaterial Lenses: Design, Prototyping and Measurements”

Co-author: Yahya Rahmat-Samii


Seckin Sahin

“Non-contact Characterization of Antenna Impedance, Gain and Pattern through Open-Fixture Network Calibration”

Co-authors: Niru K. Nahar, Kubilay Sertel


Cosme Culotta-López

“A Compressed Sampling for Spherical Near-Field Measurements”

Co-authors: Dirk Heberling, Arya Bangun, Arash Behboodi, Rudolf Mathar


Christopher Holloway

“Development of A New Atom-Based SI Traceable Electric-Field Metrology Technique”

Co-authors: Matt Simons, Josh Gordon


Brett T. Walkenhorst

“Correcting Polarization Distortion in a Compact Range Feed”

Co-author: David Tammen


Christer Larsson

“SAR-ISAR Blending Using Compressed Sensing Methods”

Co-author: Johan Jersblad


Alexander Knisely

“Biaxial Anisotropic Material Characterization using

Rectangular to Square Waveguide”

Co-authors: Michael Havrilla, Jeffery Allen, Andrew Bogle, Peter Collins, Milo Hyde, Edward Rothwell




*Before 2020, only one Best Paper Award was given per year and from 2020, AMTA started awarding 3 Best Papers per year.