Best Student Paper Awards



1st (tie) - Florindo Bevilacqua | “Experimental Validation of a Phaseless, Non-Redundant Plane-Polar Antenna Characterization” Co-authors: Amedeo Capozzoli, Claudio Curcio, Francesco D’Agostino, Flaminio Ferrara, Claudio Gennarelli, Rocco Guerriero, Angelo Liseno, Massimo Migliozzi, Yiannis Vardaxoglou

1st (tie) - Willi Hofmann | “Bi-static reflectivity measurements of microwave absorbers between
2 and 18 GHz”
| Co-authors: Andreas Schwind, Christian Bornkessel, Matthias A. Hein

3rd - Roland Moch | “Pointwise Probe Correction Applied to a Robot-Based mm-Wave Antenna Test Range” | Co-author: Dirk Heberling



1st - Jeffrey P. Massman | “Calibration and Cross-Polarization Measurement Standard Requirements for Focus Beam Material Characterization Systems” | Co-author: Michael Havrilla

2nd - Christopher Howard | “A Loss Tangent Measurement Surface for Free Space Focused Beam Characterization of Low-Loss Dielectrics” | Co-authors: Kenneth W. Allen, Bill Hunt

3rd - Philipp Berlt | “Emulation of LTE Link Scenarios Reproducibly Derived from Field-Operational Tests” | Co-authors: Berk Altinel, Christian Bornkessel, Matthias Hein



1st - Jakob Helander | “Reflection-Based Inverse Scattering Image Reconstruction for Non-Destructive Testing” | Co-authors: Johan Lundgren, Daniël Sjöberg, Christer Larsson, Torleif Martin, Mats Gustafsson

2nd - Cosme Culotta-López | “A Compressed Sampling for Spherical Near-Field Measurements” | Co-authors: Dirk Heberling, Arya Bangun, Arash Behboodi, Rudolf Mathar

3rd - Johan Lundgren | “Near Field Reconstruction for Electromagnetic Exposure of 5G Communication Devices” | Co-authors: Jakob Helander, Mats Gustafsson, Daniel Sjöberg, Bo Xu, Davide Colombi


1st - Cosme Culotta-López | “Fast Spherical Near-Field Measurements on Arbitrary Surfaces by Application of Pointwise Probe Correction to Compressed Sampling Schemes” | Co-author: Dirk Heberling

2nd (tie) - Guillermo Álvarez-Narciandi | “Impact of Sparse Measurements in Freehand Setup for Antenna Characterization” | Co-authors: Jaime Laviada, Yuri Álvarez-López, Fernando Las-Heras

2nd (tie) - Seckin Sahin | “Non-contact Characterization of Antenna Impedance, Gain and Pattern through Open-Fixture Network Calibration” | Co-authors: Niru K. Nahar, Kubilay Sertel


1st - Randy Matos | “Ultra-Reconfigurable VO2-Based Reflectarrays for 5G Applications” | Co-author: Nezih Pala

2nd - Katelyn Brinker | “Single Antenna Dual Circularly-Polarized Chipless RFID Tag Reading Methodology” | Co-author: Reza Zoughi

3rd - Adrien Guth | “Polyhedral Sampling Structures for Phaseless Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements” | Co-authors: Cosme Culotta-López, Johannes Maly, Holger Rauhut, Dirk Heberling



1st - Shubhendu Bhardwaj | “Propagation Loss Measurement in 300-350 GHz | Band Communication Link” | Co-authors: Niru K. Nahar, John L. Volakis

2nd - Daniel R. Prado | “Computation of the Far Field Radiated by Aperiodic | Sampled Planar Fields by Means of NUFFT” | Co-authors: Manuel Arrebola, Marcos Pino, Fernando Las-Heras

3rd - Matthew Lukacs | “Interrogation Signal Optimization for Improved | Classifier Performance when using “RF-DNA” | Co-authors: Peter Collins, Michael Temple


1st - Alexander Knisely | “Uniaxial Anisotropic Material Measurement using a Single Port Waveguide Probe” | Co-authors: Milo W. Hyde IV, Michael J. Havrilla, Peter J. Collins

2nd - Yuzo Tamaki | “Precise Determination of Phase Centers and Its Application to Gain Measurement of Spacecraft-borne Antennas in an Anechoic Chamber“ | Co-authors: Takehiko Kobayashi, Atsushi Tomiki

3rd -  Domenic Belgiovane | “A Radar Echo Emulator for the Evaluation of Automotive Radar Sensors” | Co-authors: Chi-Chih Chen, J. Landon Garry


1st - Alexander Knisely | “Rotated Uniaxial Anisotropic Material Characterization (“- Theory” and “– Experiment”)” | Co-authors: Michael J. Havrilla, Milo W. Hyde IV, Peter J. Colling, William P. Baker

2nd - Linus Boehm | “The Performance of Modal Filtering in Passive and Active Integrated Antenna Measurements at 160 GHz” | Co-author: Martin Hitzler, Alexander Foerstner, Christian Waldschmidt

3rd - Rasmus Cornelius | “Correction of Non-Ideal Probe Orientations for Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements” | Co-author: Dirk Heberling

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