Best Student Paper Awards


Year 1st 2nd 3rd

Florindo Bevilacqua

“Experimental Validation of a Phaseless, Non-Redundant Plane-Polar Antenna Characterization”

Co-authors: Amedeo Capozzoli, Claudio Curcio, Francesco D’Agostino, Flaminio Ferrara, Claudio Gennarelli, Rocco Guerriero, Angelo Liseno, Massimo Migliozzi, Yiannis Vardaxoglou


Willi Hofmann

“Bi-static reflectivity measurements of microwave absorbers between
2 and 18 GHz”

Co-authors: Andreas Schwind, Christian Bornkessel, Matthias A. Hein


Roland Moch

“Pointwise Probe Correction Applied to a Robot-Based mm-Wave Antenna Test Range”

Co-author: Dirk Heberling


Randy Matos

“Ultra-Reconfigurable VO2-Based Reflectarrays for 5G Applications”

Co-author: Nezih Pala

Chao Liu,

Katelyn Brinker

“Single Antenna Dual Circularly-Polarized Chipless RFID Tag Reading Methodology”

Co-author: Reza Zoughi

Adrien Guth

“Polyhedral Sampling Structures for Phaseless Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements”

Co-authors: Cosme Culotta-López, Johannes Maly, Holger Rauhut, Dirk Heberling


Cosme Culotta-López

“Fast Spherical Near-Field Measurements on Arbitrary Surfaces by Application of Pointwise Probe Correction to Compressed Sampling Schemes”

Co-author: Dirk Heberling

Guillermo Álvarez-Narciandi

“Impact of Sparse Measurements in Freehand Setup for Antenna Characterization”

Co-authors: Jaime Laviada, Yuri Álvarez-López, Fernando Las-Heras

Seckin Sahin

“Non-contact Characterization of Antenna Impedance, Gain and Pattern through Open-Fixture Network Calibration”

Co-authors: Niru K. Nahar, Kubilay Sertel


Jakob Helander

“Reflection-Based Inverse Scattering Image Reconstruction for Non-Destructive Testing”

Co-authors: Johan Lundgren, Daniël Sjöberg, Christer Larsson, Torleif Martin, Mats Gustafsson

Cosme Culotta-López

“A Compressed Sampling for Spherical Near-Field Measurements”

Co-authors: Dirk Heberling, Arya Bangun, Arash Behboodi, Rudolf Mathar

Johan Lundgren

“Near Field Reconstruction for Electromagnetic Exposure of 5G Communication Devices”

Co-authors: Jakob Helander, Mats Gustafsson, Daniel Sjöberg, Bo Xu, Davide Colombi


Alexander Knisely

“Rotated Uniaxial Anisotropic Material Characterization (“- Theory” and “– Experiment”)”

Co-authors: Michael J. Havrilla, Milo W. Hyde IV, Peter J. Colling, William P. Baker

Linus Boehm

“The Performance of Modal Filtering in Passive and Active Integrated Antenna Measurements

at 160 GHz”

Co-author: Martin Hitzler, Alexander Foerstner, Christian Waldschmidt

Rasmus Cornelius

“Correction of Non-Ideal Probe Orientations for Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements”

Co-author: Dirk Heberling


Alexander Knisely

“Uniaxial Anisotropic Material Measurement using a Single Port Waveguide Probe”

Co-authors: Milo W. Hyde IV, Michael J. Havrilla, Peter J. Collins

Yuzo Tamaki

“Precise Determination of Phase Centers and Its Application to Gain Measurement of Spacecraft-borne Antennas in an Anechoic Chamber“

Co-authors: Takehiko Kobayashi, Atsushi Tomiki

Domenic Belgiovane

“A Radar Echo Emulator for the Evaluation of Automotive Radar Sensors”

Co-authors: Chi-Chih Chen, J. Landon Garry


Shubhendu Bhardwaj

“Propagation Loss Measurement in 300-350 GHz

Band Communication Link”

Co-authors: Niru K. Nahar, John L. Volakis

Daniel R. Prado

“Computation of the Far Field Radiated by Aperiodic

Sampled Planar Fields by Means of NUFFT”

Co-authors: Manuel Arrebola, Marcos Pino, Fernando Las-Heras

Matthew Lukacs

“Interrogation Signal Optimization for Improved

Classifier Performance when using “RF-DNA””

Co-authors: Peter Collins, Michael Temple