Edmond S. Gillespie Fellow

In 2007, AMTA created the Edmond S. Gillespie Fellow membership grade to recognize those members for their outstanding and pioneering contributions to the theory, practice and art of antenna and RF measurements. Membership in the Fellows is to honor the memory of Dr. Edmond S. “Stan” Gillespie who made many contributions to the antenna community as a professor at California State University Northridge and his activities in both the AMTA and the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society. 

The criteria for being named a Fellow are through contributions to AMTA in two of the following three areas:

  1. Significant technical contributions through publications
  2. Excellence in education in the field of antenna measurements,
  3. Dedication through active AMTA service. 

In addition, Fellow members are required to have held active membership in AMTA for 3 of the proceeding 10 years.

Nominations for AMTA Fellows can be made by any active AMTA member. Nominations will be evaluated by the AMTA Awards Committee. Following approval by the AMTA Awards Committee, the nominations will be submitted to the AMTA Board of Directors for final approval.  Nominations should have an extensive justification, including three letters of recommendation from current AMTA Fellows.  CLICK HERE to download Fellowship criteria and nomination form (Word Document).  Completed nomination forms can be emailed to Past-President@amta.org.

AMTA Fellows

Francesco Saccardi, 2023

Joshua A. Gordon, 2023

Justin Dobbins, 2023

Zhong Chen, 2023

Dirk Heberling, 2022

Scott McBride, 2022

Amedeo Capozzoli, 2021

John Estrada, 2021

Michael Havrilla, 2021

Steve Nichols, 2021

Per Iversen, 2020

Christer Larsson, 2020

Olav Breinbjerg, 2019

Manuel Sierra Castañer, 2019

CJ Reddy, 2019

Marion Baggett, 2018

Ed Urbanik, 2018

Jeff Kemp, 2017

Lydell Frasch, 2017

Francesco D'Agostino, 2017

Peter Collins, 2017

Kim Hassett, 2016

Jeff Fordham, 2016

Dan Slater, 2015

Stuart Gregson, 2015

Brian Fischer, 2015

Vince Rodriguez, 2014

Paul Kolesnikoff, 2013

Jeff Guerrieri, 2012

Lars Foged, 2012

Daniël Janse van Rensburg, 2011

Larry Mandeville, 2010

Chi-Chih Chen, 2010

Steve Brumley, 2010

Teh-Hong Lee, 2009

Ron Wittmann, 2009

Greg Hindman, 2008

Yahya Rahmat-Samii, 2007

Allen C. Newell, 2007

Ivan LaHaie, 2007

Brian Kent, 2007

Edward Joy, 2007

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