Member Benefits

Professional Growth

By getting involved in AMTA, individuals have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in antenna design, development and measurement careers. This collaboration allows for professional growth and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

In-Person Learning Opportunities

Stay ahead in your field by continuously learning and upgrading your knowledge through the educational offerings provided at AMTA’s Regional Event, annual Symposium, short courses and boot camps led by industry professionals in the field of antenna measurement.

Networking Opportunities

Connect and converse with others who share your interests in the field of antenna measurements through annual conferences, discussion forums, social events, and social media channels.

Join Committees

Members have the opportunity to join various committees and play an active role in planning the organization’s technical conferences. They can also become global liaisons, social media ambassadors, and contribute to the overall development and growth of AMTA.

Extensive Paper Archives

Access a vast collection of over 3000 papers spanning over 45 years in the antenna measurement field. This archive provides valuable research and knowledge from experts in the industry.

Members Only Communications

Join AMTA today to receive exclusive Members Only communications containing relevant AMTA news, such as industry updates, research findings and upcoming events.

Board of Directors

AMTA members can aspire to join its Board of Directors, where they can contribute to shaping the organization’s initiatives and serve as a technical community leader.‚Äč


Gain access to the pre-recorded webinars covering a wide range of topics in the antenna and RF fields, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

Member Directory

Access the Member Directory, which provides you with information about ongoing initiatives through the Member Portal.

Technical Program Committees

AMTA offers the opportunity to participate in technical program committees, where members can contribute to the development and execution of technical programs and events.

Professional Expertise

Learn from experienced antenna measurement professionals who have a deep understanding of the subject matter and can provide insights and guidance in your training journey.

Collaboration and Partnership

AMTA meetings bring together a diverse community of experts from defense, industry, and academia. Seize the chance to interact with program managers, sponsors, and potential collaborators. Foster partnerships that can shape the trajectory of your career.

Standards Development

AMTA also engages in standards development activities, providing members the opportunity to contribute to the establishment of industry standards in antenna design, development and measurement.

Comprehensive Coverage

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, AMTA’s educational resources cover a wide variety of topics to cater to your learning needs and interests in the antenna and RF fields.

 Diverse Network

Gain a diverse network of professionals in the industry, allowing you to expand your knowledge and contacts.

Technical Excellence

Stay at the forefront of cutting-edge developments by delving into advanced technical expertise in antenna measurement, component testing, and instrumentation. AMTA ensures you are well-equipped for the challenges of the industry.
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