Commercialism Guidelines

The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) is an international non-profit professional organization dedicated to the development, application, and dissemination of advanced antenna, radar signature, and related measurement technologies.  AMTA members come from variety of backgrounds including industry, government, and educational institutions, and from many countries around the world.

Throughout its history, the annual AMTA symposium and exhibition has demonstrated a high degree of cooperation between its members who have widely varied and sometimes competing interests.  AMTA seeks to have a balanced approach that allows the needs of all organizations to be represented. Professionalism, mutual respect, and fairness are expected and are generally exemplified by all AMTA members and participants.

As AMTA becomes more global, forms relationships with other organizations, and establishes local nodes, it is important to provide guidance on commercialism that reflects the character of the organization. This guideline is intended to convey the spirit of cooperation that exists within the association and to establish expectations for current members, local organizations, and future symposia.

The AMTA Organization

The activities of the AMTA organization shall be conducted in a manner that is free of bias and shall not imply AMTA endorsement, approval, or certification of any commercial, academic, or government organization. Opportunities for the recognition of organizations through sponsorships, advertising, hosting a symposium, and other acknowledgements shall be widely available and administered fairly.  The inclusion of commercial information in any AMTA forum shall be done in a fair and unbiased way so as to avoid exclusive promotion of a product or organization.

AMTA may use commercial and organizational names and logos to recognize sponsors, advertisers, symposium hosts, or to acknowledge other contributions to the association.  Recognition may be given in many forms, such as on event banners, proceedings, newsletters, websites, technical literature, educational materials, and other public displays or publications. AMTA use of commercial or organizational names and logos shall not be done in ways that imply AMTA endorsement, approval, or certification. When AMTA symposia, publications, and other activities are sponsored by commercial entities or other organizations, the opportunities for sponsorship shall be widely available and fairly administered.

To disseminate knowledge and fulfill its objectives, AMTA publishes literature, provides educational programs, conducts technical meetings, and makes available data in electronic form. AMTA technical literature and educational materials may be sponsored if the content of the material remains bias free, if equal opportunities are provided to commercial interests, and if such sponsorship is made public. These publications and activities may also include commercial names, logos, and product names to promote understanding of technical content and awareness of available technology. Such recognition, however, must not imply AMTA endorsement of a product or service.

Guidelines for Technical Publications and Presentations

The intent of any publication or presentation included in an AMTA program should be to educate the AMTA audience about new research and advances in methods, equipment, and technology that improve or demonstrate the application of measurement techniques. These may include mention of specific commercial names and products where necessary to promote understanding.  Therefore, commercial names, product names, and company logos are permitted in presentations and papers where it is pertinent to a better understanding of antenna measurement technology, such inclusion is largely incidental to the technical discussion, AMTA endorsement is not conveyed, and there is no implication that the audience is required to use the commercial entity.

The following practices are discouraged in technical publications and presentations:

  • Excessive use of commercial product names, company names, and logos
  • Non-technical discussions of the advantages of a given product
  • Comparison of one supplier’s product to another supplier’s product
  • Detailed description of a product that does not represent an advance in technology
  • Product descriptions without explaining the pertinent technology
  • Company overviews
  • Pricing, delivery, and other commercial terms & conditions

Commercial names, product names, and company logos may also be used in presentations and papers for the following reasons:

  • To provide a better understanding of the subject matter discussed
  • To provide author identification or to acknowledge contributions
  • To allow accurate reproduction of the work described

Guidelines for Exhibits

Exhibits are a very significant part of the annual AMTA symposium and regional event, and they provide a substantial opportunity for attendees to gain deeper insight into the latest technologies available in the industry.  Exhibitors are expected and encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity to promote their company, products, and services.  Within the exhibit area, exhibitors may provide publications and presentations that do not meet the general guidelines of the AMTA technical publications and presentations. However, exhibitors must not imply AMTA endorsement of any company, product, or service.
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