Awards & Recognition


Distinguished Awards


Each year, AMTA recognizes individuals whose research or technical advances have contributed to the body of knowledge in antenna testing with its Distinguished Achievement Award.  Those who have been honoured for Distinguished Achievement include:


1988    J. Searcy Hollis

1989    Richard C. Johnson

1990    William Emerson

1991    Jesper Hansen & Paul Wacker

1992    Helmut Schrank

1993    George Sinclair

1994    Edmond S. Gillespie

1995    Dean Mensa

1996    Walter D. Burnside

1997    Doren Hess

1998    Leon Peters

1999    Ed Joy

2000    Yahya Rahmat-Samii & Joe Vokurka

2001    David Kerns and Allen Newell

2002    Jean-Charles Bolomy

2003    Ray Howland

2004    Ivan LaHaie

2005    Dietmar Fasold

2006    Brian Kent

2007    Jiti Gupta

2008    Eric Walton

2009    Antti Raisanen

2010    Michael Francis

2011    Ron Wittmann

2012    Greg Hindman

2013    Frank Jensen

2014    Teh Hong Lee

2015   Daniël Janse van Rensburg

2016   Chi-Chih Chen

2017   Lars J. Foged


The organization also cites those members whose service to AMTA has had a profound and lasting effect with its Distinguished Service Award.  Those honoured for Distinguished Service include:


1994    Joe Pape

1996    Dick Flam

1998    Joe Russum

2000    John Reddy

2002    Shantnu Mishra

2004    Mike Francis

2007    Janet O’Neil

2008    Jeff Way

2011    Larry Mandeville

2013    Jeff Kemp

2015   Paul Kolesnikoff

2016   Jeff Guerrieri

2017   Eric Walton


Edmond S. Gillespie Fellowship


In 2007, AMTA created the Edmond S. Gillespie Fellowship to recognize those members for their outstanding and pioneering contributions to the theory, practice and art of antenna and RF measurements. Membership in the Fellowship is to honor the memory of Dr. Edmond. S. “Stan” Gillespie who made many contributions to the antenna community as a professor at California State University Northridge and his activities in both the AMTA and the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society. 

The criteria for being named a Fellow are through contributions to AMTA in two of the following three areas:

  1. Significant technical contributions through publications
  2. Excellence in education in the field of antenna measurements,
  3. Dedication through active AMTA service. 

In addition, Fellow members are required to have held active membership in AMTA for 3 of the proceeding 10 years.

Nominations for AMTA Fellowship can be made by any active AMTA member.  Nominations will be evaluated by the AMTA Awards Committee. Following approval by the AMTA Awards Committee, the nominations will be submitted to the AMTA Board of Directors for final approval.  Nominations should have an extensive justification, including three letters of recommendation from current AMTA Fellows.  Click here to download Fellowship criteria and nomination form.  Completed nomination forms can be emailed to

Click here for a list of current AMTA Fellows.


Fellow Emeritus


Starting in 2011, a new membership category called Fellow Emeritus was created for AMTA Fellows who are inactive for five or more years.   Those with Fellow Emeritus status will remain AMTA members and have their annual membership dues waived.  Current Fellow members who no longer anticipate attending the annual symposium may request to be promoted to Fellow Emeritus.  Please send requests to


Senior Member


Starting in 2007, AMTA established the category of Senior Member to recognize members who have actively factored in the success of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association with outstanding and lengthy contributions.  These contributions can be in either the form of technical publications in the field of antenna measurements, or service on the AMTA Board of Directors or volunteer committees within AMTA.  In order to be eligible for Senior Membership, a member must have been active in the field for at least a period of 10 years; however, continuous AMTA membership throughout a 10-year period is not a requirement.  Nominations for Senior member status can be made to the AMTA awards committe by any current AMTA member.  Nominations will be evaluated by the committee and if approved, will be submitted to the AMTA Board of Directors for approval.   Click here to download Senior Member criteria and nomination form.  Completed nomination forms can be emailed to

Click here for a list of current AMTA Senior members.

Starting in 2012, Senior members who are inactive for three or more years will lose their Senior membership status and must reapply after becoming active again. Members can maintain their active status by attending the annual symposium, or by authoring or co-authoring a paper that is presented at the annual symposium.


Honorary Membership Award


Honorary Membership Award is bestowed on an individual who has attained national or international recognition through their contributions to the electromagnetic community or related communities, and had had a direct or lasting impact on the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association.  Candidates for Honorary Membership should meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Past AMTA Distinguished Service Award recipient
  2. Past AMTA Distinguished Achievement Award recipient

Honorary membership recipients will be selected by the Awards Committee and submitted to the AMTA Board of Directors for final approval.  Honorary members will receive lifetime AMTA membership with no annual dues and have full voting rights.  Honorary membership will be awarded to individuals no more than once every five years.