Awards & Recognition

At the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA), excellence and innovation in the field of antenna measurement are celebrated through a spectrum of prestigious awards and recognition programs. These accolades stand as a testament to the dedication, expertise, and profound contributions of individuals who have revolutionized the realm of antenna technology.

Joe Pape Honorary Life Membership Award
The Joe Pape Honorary Membership Award is bestowed on an individual who has attained national or international recognition through their contributions to the electromagnetic community or related communities, and had had a direct or lasting impact on the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association.

Distinguished Speaker Award
AMTA Distinguished Speaker Award is bestowed on an AMTA member that is a proven expert in the field of electromagnetic measurements and has excellent presentation and communication skills. The awardee is expected to travel internationally for invited presentations or lectures to AMTA regional events, AMTA nodes, meetings arranged by AMTA members or to present at other meetings to increase interest in AMTA.

Distinguished Achievement Award
Each year, AMTA recognizes individuals whose research or technical advances have contributed to the body of knowledge in antenna testing with its Distinguished Achievement Award. 

Distinguished Service Award
AMTA cites members whose service to AMTA has had a profound and lasting effect with its Distinguished Service Award. 

Best Papers and Best Student Paper
AMTA's commitment to academic excellence is showcased through the Best Papers and Best Student Papers awards. These accolades acknowledge outstanding research and innovative contributions to the field, with a distinct category dedicated to recognizing the ingenuity and promise exhibited by emerging student researchers.

Eric Walton Student Travel Award
The scholarship is designed to encourage students interested in electromagnetics with an emphasis on antennas. It is open world-wide to undergraduate juniors and seniors as well as Masters and first year PhD students.

Member Recognition Appointments
AMTA proudly bestows the titles of Fellow, Fellow Emeritus, and Senior Membership upon individuals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and commitment. These titles signify not only a distinguished career but also a willingness to further the association's objectives and uphold its standards of excellence. Join us in celebrating the achievements of these exceptional individuals and the profound impact they have made on the world of antenna measurement techniques. Their dedication and innovation continue to inspire and elevate the field, pushing boundaries and shaping the future of technology.
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