2023 Regional Meeting - Workshop Speakers



Zhong Chen is the Director of RF Engineering with ETS-Lindgren, located in Cedar Park, Texas.   He has over 25 years of experience in RF testing, anechoic chamber design, as well as antenna and EMC field probe design and measurements.   He is a past member of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) Board of Directors and is currently a member of the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors.  Mr. Chen is the Chair of Subcommittee 1 of ANSC C63, which is responsible for EMC antenna calibration and test site validation standards.   He is also chair of the IEEE Standard 1309 committee responsible for developing calibration standards for field probes, and IEEE Standard 1128 for absorber measurements.   He has served as a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE EMC Society.  His research interests include measurement uncertainty, time domain measurements, and development of novel RF absorber materials.    Mr. Chen received his M.S.E.E. degree in Electromagnetics from the Ohio State University at Columbus.



John M. Ladbury received the B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. degrees (specializing in signal processing) from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 1987 and 1992, respectively. Since 1987 he has worked on EMC metrology and facilities with the Radio Frequency Technology Division and is now with the Shared Spectrum Metrology Group in the Spectrum Technology and Research Division of N.I.S.T. in Boulder, CO.  His principal focus has been on reverberation chambers, with some investigations into other EMC-related topics such as time-domain measurements and probe calibrations.  He was involved with the revision of RTCA DO160D and is a member of the IEC joint task force on reverberation chambers.  He has been awarded four “Best Symposium Paper” awards at IEEE International EMC symposia, a Technical Achievement Award from the IEEE EMC Society for significant contributions in the development of reverberation chamber techniques for EMC applications, a US Department of Commerce Bronze Medal for his research in Reverberation Chambers, and a US Department of Commerce Gold Medal for his role in evaluating the impact of LTE wireless signals on the performance of GPS receivers.



Dennis Lewis received his BS EE degree with honors from Henry Cogswell College and his MS degree in Physics from the University of Washington.  He has worked at Boeing for 34 years, and is recognized as a Technical Fellow, leading the enterprise antenna measurement capability for Boeing Test and Evaluation. Dennis holds eleven patents, and is the recipient of the 2013 and 2015 Boeing Special Invention Award.  He is a senior member of the IEEE and several of its technical societies, including the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S), the Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S) and the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society. He actively contributes to these societies as a member of the IEEE MTT-S Subcommittee 3 on Microwave Measurements, and as a Board Member and past Distinguished Lecturer for the EMC Society.  He is a Senior Member and served as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Antenna Measurements Techniques Association (AMTA) and chaired its annual symposium in 2012.  Currently he is chair of the AMTA 2023 annual symposium. Dennis developed and taught a course on Measurement Science at North Seattle College, and is a past chairman of its Technical Advisory Committee. His current technical interests include aerospace applications of reverberation chamber test techniques as well as microwave and antenna measurement systems and uncertainties.