AMTA Senior Members



Stephen Blalock, 2022

Ryan Cutshall, 2022

Wei Fan, 2022

Andrea Giacomini, 2022

Amanuel Haile, 2022

Jerry Jost, 2022

Ron Lavin, 2022

John Locke, 2022

John McKenna, 2022

Adam Mehrabani, 2022

DVB (Raja) Murthy, 2022

Patrick Pelland, 2022

Louis Sheffield, 2022

Fernando Las-Heras Andrés, 2021

Jose Oliverio Alvarez, 2021

David Novotny, 2020

Francesco Saccardi, 2020

Satoru Kurokawa, 2019

Jin-Seob Kang, 2019

Zhong Chen, 2018

Joe Mulcahey, 2018

Maurice Paquay, 2018

Justin Dobbins, 2017

Josh Gordon, 2017

Jeffrey Bean, 2017

Jan Zackrisson, 2017

Ed Szpindor, 2017

David Tonn, 2017

Amin Enayati, 2016

Sergey Pivnenko, 2015

Barry Cown, 2014

Donnie Gray, 2013

Dave Pinnell, 2013

Jim Puri, 2012

Bruce Williams, 2012

Dennis Lewis, 2010

Michael Foegelle, 2009

Janet O'Neil, 2009

Dayel Garneski, 2009

Pax Samuel Wei, 2008

Marcel Boumans, 2008

Leland H. Hemming, 2008

Carlo Rizzo, 2008

Travis Hestilow, 2007

Tom Proctor, 2007

Tom Coombs, 2007

Tim Conn, 2007

Robert Burns, 2007

Randy Jost, 2007

Paul Degroot, 2007

Larry Cohen, 2007

Kurt Kurisu, 2007

John Demas, 2007

John Caserta, 2007

Jeff Way, 2007

Jamie Huff, 2007

Greg Masters, 2007

Bob Beckon, 2007

Bert Schluper, 2007

Anna Moyer, 2007

Alex Kamis, 2007

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    Meet your AMTA 2023 Board of Directors

    We're please to announce the AMTA 2022 Best Paper Winners

    We are sad to share the news of the passing of Dr. Jesper Hansen. Please click here for his remembrance.

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  • AMTA News

    The AMTA Board of Directors would like to welcome the newest AMTA Node - the Australian Node!

  • Event News

    Announcing Fourth AMTA Webinar: Single-Cut Phaseless Near-Field Measurements (May 25, 2023 | 11:00 AM- Noon Eastern Time)

    Thank You to All Who Contributed to the Success of the AMTA 2023 Regional Event! [Read the wrap-up email]

    The AMTA 2023 Website is now LIVE! Click HERE to watch the promotional video and learn about next year exciting Symposium in Seattle.

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