Meet the AMTA 2015 Host Committee

Kim is excited to be the AMTA 2015 Host for this year’s conference. She can be reached at


Daniel is serving as the AMTA 2015 Vice Chairman. Daniel can be reached at

Jesus is our go-to-guy when it comes to getting it done. If you have questions regarding exhibits or wish to be an AMTA 2015 sponsor, please contact Jesus at

When it comes to event planning, we consider ourselves fortunate to have our resident expert, Hilda Hernandez, handling the AMTA 2015 Social Program.  Hilda will be overseeing the Monday night outing, the accompanying persons tours, the Thursday night outing, the banquet gifts and the door prizes. If you'd like to give her suggestions, make requests, or just say Hi, you can email her at

John is the Treasurer for AMTA 2015, and is responsible for generating and maintaining the symposium budget, and handling all financial transactions.   John can be contacted at

Sue Ann will be handling all our publications and signage for AMTA 2015, in addition to assisting with AMTA 2015 website. Sue Ann email address is

Pat Pelland will be in charge of our student program for 2015. He's got some great ideas about increasing our student day activities and brings incredible energy to the program. You can contact Pat at

Jordi is our man behind the scenes, assisting Sue Ann by providing all the marketing & publication layouts & design.  He can be reached at

Jeff with be handling all the Audio & Visual for the AMTA 2015 Conference, in addition to serving as Kim’s Guy Friday.  He has been involved with AMTA conference planning in one aspect or another for the past 5 years, and we are happy to his expertise on this year’s host committee.  You can contact Jeff at