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Symposium Benefits

  • Latest innovations in antenna & RCS measurements
  • Four days of high-quality technical presentations
  • Full day short course on robotic antenna measurements
  • Three days exhibition of products and services
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts 
  • Technical tour of the NIST Boulder campus
  • Unique social events in and around the Denver area
  • Daytime companion tours to local area highlights

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Marla Dowell
Director of the Communications Technology Laboratory (CTL),
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Sunday Short Course, October 9th

Application of Robotics for Antenna Measurements

Robotic arms, often referred to as an industrial robot, are designed to emulate a human arm using multiple joints that either move along an axis or can rotate in certain directions. They can be programmed to perform a specific task quickly, efficiently, and extremely accurately. For these reasons, they are commonly used for manufacturing, fabrication, and industrial applications. However, their motion flexibility makes them highly reconfigurable and adaptable to numerous applications. In recent years, there has been much developmental work applying this technology for antenna measurements as robotic arms provide antenna positioning that would be constrained by conventional measurement systems. This year’s short course provides an introduction into this exciting new area in antenna measurement technology.



Invited Speakers

IEEE AP-S Speaker
Dr. Erik Lier
Lockheed Martin

EurAPP Invited Speaker Prof. Francesco D'Agostino
University of Salerno

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Lunch & Learn Speaker
Dr. Christopher Holloway
National Institute of Standards & Technology

Jeff Guerrieri (NIST / NVLAP)

AMTA 2022 Host Chair |

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